Dr Philip Davis

Is the lead consultant at Combat-Sports-Performance. He has been awarded a PhD and BSc both focused on enhancing performance in combat sports via, body fat analysis, strength and conditioning, hydration, nutrition, technique and recovery. He is also a qualified amateur boxing coach, anthropometrist (body fat analyser (ISAK)) and performance analyst (ISPAS). He has trained personally in boxing, kick-boxing, kung-fu, judo, taekwondo and mixed martial arts. Philip's main interests include; fluid balance and performance, the energetics of combat sports, performance analysis and the effect of maintaining / reducing body fat levels on performance. He continues to conduct research within combat sports, resulting in peer reviewed papers on; body composition, energetics, hormonal responses and performance analysis.



Mr Robert Waldock

Is the Manager of Combat-Sports-Performance. He has been awarded a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. He is a qualified lecturer in Sport and Exercise for further and higher education, focusing on exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition and performance analysis. He is also a qualified amateur boxing coach, personal trainer and a personal trainer tutor. He has also trained personally in boxing, kick-boxing and mixed martial arts. Robert's main interests include strength and conditioning and the analysis of performance. His involvement in research has included; performance analysis and energetics. 



The Others

There is a small group of other consultants who work full- and part-time, enabling flexibility when larger projects or international placements are undertaken to aid data collection and analysis. They are all graduates of a sport science related undergraduate degrees, as well as completing at least a masters degrees in a related sports area.



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