Can you have too much fat, or more often asked can you have too little fat? If so what are the consequences of either, can it be detrimental to training and competition performance?

Do you think you are too fat / too thin? Are you at your fight weight but think you are still carrying too much fat weight? Want to drop down a weight category by only loosing fat weight, but don't know how much fat weight you have? Is it best to keep slim all season or loose weight fast pre-competition? There is a lot of, sometimes confounding information in the literature on body fat. This is an area of personal interest and research for one on the consultants at Combat-Sports-Performance and therefore we are in the best position to give you clear and precise information that best suits you and your sport. 

Measuring body fat levels has become a subject of interest for a whole generation, from health benefits in everyday life all the way up to regular body fat tracking in the world's elite athletes. We even have 'weekend' triathletes' contact us to have their body fat measured (essentially as part of their hobby). Although it seems like a simple thing to observe there are many inaccuracies and incorrect methods used, which can generate very misleading and unreliable results.

Here at Combat-Sports-Performance we are ISAK (International Society for the Advancement in Kinanthropometry) qualified. These means we know the correct measure to make, we know the correct way to make the measures and just as importantly we know how to analyse and report the data. This means we are qualified to give you the most reliable, accurate and useful information to obtain your body weight / fat goals.


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