What to eat and when? Do you need to buy into the hype of supplement manufacturers, or is a 'good' diet enough? What should you eat day-to-day, pre-contest, post-weigh-in, pre-bout and during recovery? Should you stop eating all together pre-weigh-in, what are the advantages and disadvantages? What is best to eat before and after training?'

There is an example of pre-fight nutrition in professional boxing (Morton et al., 2010). A super-featherweight former national and world champion used the following strategy for 6 - 8 weeks pre-contest.....

One meal a day, at lunch, comprised of a subway sandwich and diet coke.

No food or drink for 2 days pre-weigh-in (sucking ice cubes to stop mouth from drying).

Low intensity training wearing a sweat suit.

Post-weigh-in diet consisting of high fat foods, including ice cream, bacon and eggs.

Does this sound like a good or bad nutrition strategy to you? Maybe it sounds similar to your own strategy? We can let you know if your current strategy is giving you the nutrients you need to train and compete while also staying on target for your weight-in. Long term nutrition plans can be tailored for your needs all the way down to hour-by-hour nutrition plans for those vital hours pre-weigh-in and between weigh-in and competition.


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